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You know the importance of putting strategy behind your hospital’s operations. You know automating operations and taking advantage of real-time technology is the best next step. But you also know your team is limited when it comes to the time and knowledge needed to tackle a project like this on your own. Truth be told, it’s complicated stuff. And who wants to be learning as you go? Doing that is both expensive and time consuming. That’s where we come in.

Our team is made up of the most experienced people in the country in the use of real-time systems. We love making real-time technologies work. We’ve implemented the most successful projects of this kind in the country. And we were the first to take on some of the most difficult and innovative uses of the technology. Because of our proven methodologies, in-depth understanding of hospital operations, and extensive relationships with the latest technology providers, we’re able to seamlessly run enterprise-wide projects from start to finish.

We work tirelessly to get your solution up and operational, delivering what was promised on budget, and on time. Then we turn our focus to helping you support and maintain the results and looking for new opportunities to extend the value.


Enterprise visibility success by the numbers.
Buildings with RTLS coverage
Staff & Assets tagged
Annual reduction in equipment purchases
Annual savings by automated temperature monitoring
Value of unproductive hours recovered
Integrations to hospital systems, including Epic EHR


Our team is made up of experts who are passionate about helping healthcare organizations make massive leaps in operational performance. And our proven leadership and experience in real-time results means you’ll have the most professional and dedicated team working alongside you. We deliver the ultimate patient experience through the effective and wide-spread use of real-time technologies. It’s that shared goal that drives our team each and every day.
We understand that to be a good team, we have to take care of ourselves, our families, each other, and of course, our clients. We complement each other’s skill sets, and believe we’ve created an excellent team to work for and work with. That’s important, because the work isn’t easy. We tackle hard problems and find our rewards in the success of our clients. Nothing’s better than working hard with people you care about and seeing the results of those efforts. You can have no doubt – you’ll see our sincerity as much as you’ll see our professional expertise.

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