New Year!  It’s Time for Your Annual RTLS System Health Checkup

RTLS Checkup

Joanna Wyganowska, VP of Marketing | Infinite Leap

Have you received the reminder from your doctor to set up your annual physical examination? Chances are that you have and hopefully you are taking the appropriate action, as regular checkups are one of the greatest keys to avoiding more significant health issues in the future. More specifically, it gives you a clear picture of your current health status, allows you to identify and understand existing or potential issues, and gives you a chance to work with your healthcare professional to define goals and plans to keep yourself in tip-top shape, or deal with our little habits that we can should be stop doing.

Just as a physical checkup is a smart thing to do to care for yourself, so is taking the time to perform a “health checkup” of your real-time technologies. If done properly, you’ll learn if your system is running optimally and if there are current or pending concerns. You’ll also likely see opportunities where you can use your resources more wisely to deliver against the outcomes you and your organization are expecting.

We strongly recommend that you consider the following topics and questions as you undertake your annual audit:
1. How long has the system been in place?
2. What does your current infrastructure look like? Have you taken into consideration new technological developments in real-time technologies?
3. Do you anticipate an increase or decrease in the use of the system (e.g. number of users, assets tracked year over year, staff badged)?
4. Are you experiencing any unusual downtimes or hiccups within the RTLS system? Under what circumstances?  
5. Do you know what percent of your active tags have dead batteries?     
6. Have you been receiving complaints about the inaccuracy of the location reports?
7. Are you seeing the types of results you expected, or that you once were able to measure? If not, is it due to a low system adoption, lack of proper reporting, or maybe inadequate processes?
8. Is your staff fully onboard with the system? Do they know how to use it? Do they see value in using it?
9. Has the system allowed you to improve the patient experience?
10. What are your aspirations regarding the system? Where do you want to take it next year, 3, 5 years from now?

Through personal interviews, observations, and data analysis, we are able to assess your current RTLS Health Score. Our measures are used in the same way that your physician evaluates your vital statistics… to determine if there are any issues or opportunities that need to be addressed.

So, if it’s been more than 12 months since your last RTLS system health checkup, or if perhaps you are noticing new “symptoms” that weren’t there a few months ago, it’s probably time to set up an appointment.

Please contact us to receive more information about our RTLS System Audit.