The Most Comprehensive Use of Real-Time Technologies in Healthcare

Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center

Joanna Wyganowska, VP of Marketing | Infinite Leap

The best part of my job is sharing successes of our clients. Here is an RTLS story of Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center, which uses Real-Time Technologies in the most advanced way I have ever seen.

Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center, a premier academic medical center, is known worldwide for innovation and excellence in the delivery of high-quality patient and family-centered care, and has a national reputation for its research activities. That reputation drives Wake Forest Baptist to continually seek new and more efficient ways to provide the ultimate patient experience. With an RTLS infrastructure and basic use cases in place, Wake Forest Baptist progresses to more advanced-use cases, including patient flow, staff duress, and RTLS-based patient mobility studies. Wake Forest Baptist currently has over 56 live RTLS-based projects. Here are some highlights of the scale of their RTLS initiative:

  • 40+ buildings with RTLS coverage
  • 100,000,000 real-time events processed each day
  • 15,379 assets tracked
  • 5,000 patients per week use RTLS badges for enhanced patient experience
  • 7,500 staff experience a safer work environment by wearing location badges
  • 975 automatically monitored temperature units
  • 11 systems augmented with real-time data via integration
  • Total value generated $10,000,000 and growing each year!

I encourage you to read their story here: or view the infographic.