RTLS – It May be Automated but It Still Needs Attention

Managed Services

Successful implementation of an Real-Time Location System (RTLS) is just the beginning of your RTLS journey. Unfortunately, quite often organizations are so laser-focused on the implementation phase of the RTLS initiative that they overlook or underestimate the time and resources needed to maintain the healthy state of the RTLS system and prove its promised value. Sometimes it is due to a false perception that if the RTLS system is all about automation – it will just run by itself. The reality is far from that. SIMPLY, If not properly taken care off, your RTLS deployment will quickly deteriorate and your investment in RTLS will be wasted. We see examples of this way too frequently.

That’s why we offer RTLS Managed Services programs, which includes system maintenance (battery swap, software updates, etc.), technical support, weekly status reports, quarterly business reviews, ROI measurements, and many other management and tactical type activities that are designed to ensure the continuous success of your RTLS initiative.

Please check out this 2-min. video to learn more how a managed services approach could be the answer to keeping your RTLS program working, relevant, and producing results.