Wake Forest Baptist Health Recognized as an Innovator in the Use of Real-Time Technologies in Healthcare

RTLS patient tag

We are incredibly proud of our long-standing client, Wake Forest Baptist Health, being recently featured in the Wall Street Journal for their innovative use of the “smart ID band.” The article, entitled “Is It Time for a Better Hospital ID Bracelet?” includes photos and quotes from Wake Forest Baptist, including a quote by Infinite Leap’s own Betsy Kraft who is managing the Wake Forest Baptist branded “CarePass” bracelets implementation, which are RTLS tags provided by CenTrak. Infinite Leap manages the overall Enterprise Visibility program which has deployed over 50 use cases since 2012, including the CarePass initiative, under an RTLS Managed Services Agreement that extends to 2023.

The impressive thing is that the CarePass program that Wake Forest Baptist has implemented goes well beyond what is included in the article. Today, approximately 2,000 patients receive a CarePass when they are checked-in for an outpatient visit or admitted as an inpatient. The CarePasses enable automated updates to the patient regarding their wait times and place in queue, automated text notifications to family members as their loved one makes their way through surgery or a procedure, and also to automate workflow and provide key metrics, such as the total wait time per patient, the contact time with the provider, and room and staff utilization. These all result in well-informed patients, family members, and staff leading to higher patient/staff satisfaction and streamlined workflow.

Based on the program’s success to date and future commitments to the program, it seems Wake Forest Baptist is just getting started and has big plans for the future with respect to RTLS technology.

Conrad Emmerich, SVP of Business Services and the executive sponsor for the Enterprise Visibility program at Wake Forest Baptist, recently commented, “Building on the significant results from the Enterprise Visibility program, we are expanding the use of real-time technologies to our other medical facilities. New uses include wayfinding, inpatient visibility, and patient mobility. We are very pleased with the many ways RTLS has helped enhance our operational efficiency, patient experience and quality of care, and the ways Infinite Leap has made the program work to meet our needs. I think we are still just scratching the surface of what can be accomplished with these innovative technologies and look forward to our continued partnership with Infinite Leap to drive even more process improvements that the technologies enable.”

For more information about the CarePass program at Wake Forest Baptist, visit: https://www.wakehealth.edu/Patient-and-Family-Resources/Services-and-Amenities/CarePass

To see the scope of use of real-time technologies at Wake Forest Baptist, check out this infographic: https://infiniteleap.net/wp-content/uploads/2018/01/Wake-Forest-Baptist-Medical-Center-RTLS-ROI.png

Congratulations to Wake Forest Baptist for being recognized yet again as an innovator in the use of real-time technologies in the healthcare industry!