Don’t Assume You Know What Your Clients Need

As IT professionals we often find ourselves prescribing IT solutions to our clients before truly understanding what their real pain points are. We assume we know our clients’ issues and how to solve them, so we quickly jump into our toolbox to pull out a shiny new IT system or app.

So to all my friends in IT – I say: PAUSE and take time to really HEAR your clients. Engage them to discover what they are struggling with each day, where they see inefficiencies, and what their dream workday would look like. Without this dialog, you can easily misdiagnose your clients’ problems and prescribe the wrong solution.

My industry colleague, Doug McDonald, Network and Mobility Manager at Henry Ford Health System, suggests “going on a roadshow” to different hospital departments to gather feedback from their internal clients, including doctors, nurses, ancillary staff and other members of the healthcare organization:

“You need to start knocking on your clients’ doors and ask: “What could we help you with? Where are your biggest pain points that are costing you the most money or losing the most efficiencies?” Start there, at the very highest level, so you can get the pulse of the enterprise.”

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Similarly, at Infinite Leap, our RTLS Solution Design Process includes a few days of deep conversations with key stakeholders to identify and document wants, needs, and opportunities for process improvement. Only then – when the pain points are discovered, articulated, AND verified/acknowledged by a client (what you hear is not always what the client actually means) – do we move to the next step, which is recommending how technology can help solve our clients’ pain points.

So, take time to listen – your clients will thank you for making the technology working for them.

Joanna Wyganowska, VP of Marketing | Infinite Leap