Thank You to Our Nurses for Supporting our Healthcare Clients

As we celebrate National Nurses Week, we would like to thank our nurses at Infinite Leap for helping our healthcare clients use innovative Real-Time Technologies to improve patient experience and increase the safety of patients and staff. We appreciate sharing your clinical expertise with us to make our services and solutions better for all who provide patient care.

In their own words:

“My role gives me the opportunity to apply technology and process changes to improve the experience of patients and staff. I use my background in emergency nursing, hospital management, emergency preparedness, nursing education, and Lean to design and implement innovative real-time technology solutions for our client healthcare organizations.”
– Mary Jagim, MS, RN, CEN, FAEN | CNO at Infinite Leap

“Having a nursing and adult education background helps me understand the challenges nurses and other staff face in learning new technologies. The role of the nurse educator in today’s tech world is to help staff understand how to use technology to improve patient safety, recovery, and satisfaction.”
– Tim Johnson, RN | Senior Clinical Project Support Specialist at Infinite Leap

“My passion has always been finding ways to make it easier for nurses to care for patients. We now have technology to help. Having a patient care and hospital background helps me make technology work in the real world. Knowing how nurses and other staff do their jobs allows me to create workflows that improve their day to day work.”
– Debra Esse, RN | Senior Healthcare Consultant at Infinite Leap

We appreciate all you do!
Your teammates at Infinite Leap