Take Advantage of Your RTLS System to Ease the Fight with COVID-19

Right now, everyone in healthcare is focused on COVID-19, taking care of staff and patients, and getting through this historical moment in time. Every rock is being turned over – looking for better and safer ways to do things, therefore if you have ANY TYPE OF RTLS infrastructure in place, consider it as one of the tools at your disposal:

1. At its root, a real-time location system helps hospitals know where things and people are. During COVID-19 this alone provides enormous value. If you aren’t using your RTLS infrastructure to find ventilators and other important equipment and people, start now. The effort should be minimal, and the value will be high. Whether it’s for use within your hospital or to outfit specific COVID-19 surge units, take steps to make it happen.

2. Next, it is very likely that you can use the same RTLS infrastructure to help with the Contact Tracing needs that are required within every hospital. Check with your software vendor to see what they can do. If they don’t provide contact tracing functionality, there are options from 3rd party software providers that you can easily add to your RTLS system as a permanent or temporary solution.

3. If your RTLS system is in disrepair, or you haven’t made the investment but see value in these capabilities, there are tools you can implement very quickly. Rapid deployment solutions enable a real-time location system to be pre-configured and shipped to your location within 48 hours of ordering and set up in under an hour.

These rapid-deployment solutions contain focused functionality to provide your organization with much-needed visibility and increased safety measures for your patients and staff. Pricing of these systems is set to ensure cost will not be a barrier; many vendors are just doing what they can to help in this time of need.

If you don’t know where to turn to get started leveraging your existing system, contacting your current vendor, or looking for something new, please drop us a note or give us a call. In a 10-minute phone call, we can provide some insight and point you in the right direction.
Houston Klassen, Executive VP | Infinite Leap