Is Your Healthcare Facility Ready for COVID-19 Vaccines? Proper Temperature Monitoring is a Key.

by Scott Hondros, MHA, SCPM, SVP of Professional Services

Everyone is eagerly awaiting COVID-19 vaccines, so things can get back to normal.
Every day we hear about new breakthroughs in COVID-19 vaccine development, and supply chain companies are preparing for distribution of this precious cargo…but is your healthcare facility ready to receive them?

All COVID-19 vaccine candidates will require stringent standards for refrigeration in order to keep the vaccines viable. For example, Moderna’s coronavirus vaccine candidate requires a storage temperature of negative 4 degrees Fahrenheit, and BioNTech and Pfizer’s candidates need to be stored in negative 94 degrees Fahrenheit (source: Morningstar).

To meet these conditions, healthcare organizations need to ensure proper environmental monitoring is in place.

To aid in that process, temperature probes placed in clinical or pharmaceutical refrigerators and freezers can constantly monitor the temperature of these units to ensure they stay within the desired and regulatory required ranges.

One our clients, a Senior Director of Nursing, Clinical Compliance and Regulatory Services at a large academic medical center agreed “all it takes to lose thousands of dollars’ worth of vaccines is a refrigerator door accidentally left ajar, or a power loss over the weekend. That’s why we are so vigilant about checking temperatures. We are always on alert.”

Thanks to automated temperature monitoring systems, refrigerators and freezers can be continuously monitored to ensure they remain within a defined range and can also alert a central response center, or any other designated department or a person, if any temperature excursions occur, which allow for immediate corrective actions to be taken.

If you would like to discuss in more details how to implement an automated temperature monitoring system in your facility, please give us a call; we will gladly share our knowledge so your facility is ready to receive the life-saving vaccines.

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