Why We Should Manage Your RTLS Program

by Scott Hondros, MHA, SCPM, SVP of Enterprise Services

As your organization is planning for 2021, I would like to share with you five main reasons why your organization should consider Infinite Leap to manage your Real-Time Technologies:

  1. Expertise, Expertise, Expertise
    By far, the number one reason our healthcare clients request us to manage their RTLS technologies is our expertise. Typically, an RTLS solution is a combination of multiple hardware and software components, as well as integrations to several other healthcare technologies, such as nurse call, CMMS, or EHR systems. So yes, you can ask your hardware vendor to manage battery replacements in your tags and badges, or you can pay your software vendor to take care of updating your maps, but it is hard to find a vendor who can truly manage all aspects of your RTLS deployment. As a consulting organization and system integrator, we have years of experience implementing, supporting, and maintaining all major RTLS software and hardware technologies, so we can keep your entire RTLS system up-to-date and fully operational. We will take care of optimizing your software configuration settings, applying upgrades from RTLS vendors, editing location maps after a renovation, and even the tedious task of replacing batteries in the thousands of tags and badges you have.

  2. Cost Predictability
    Our managed services agreement is based upon a consistent and easy to understand monthly fee. This helps your organization keep costs in line and makes budgeting much easier. An additional benefit is the ability to shift cost from a capital to operational budget, which typically can be beneficial in securing funding and accommodating financial flexibility.

  3. Around the Clock Support Availability
    The nature of Real-Time Technology is that its value comes from real-time availability. If for any reason your system shows symptoms of latency, or if your end users experience any difficulties with the system, we proactively work on identifying and correcting the issues before they become larger problems for this mission-critical system. 8am to 5pm support hours simply do not work for your nurses, biomedical engineers, transporters, and other team members who need to deliver (or support) patient care around the clock, managed services provide a way to ensure 24/7 support availability, including weekends and holidays. Our support team’s sole focus is supporting RTLS implementations within healthcare, so know when you call or email you will be speaking with an experienced representative.

  4. ROI-Driven
    Organizations often acquire an innovative technology but are lacking the stamina to push it beyond a successful installation or Go Live. Our managed services offer a comprehensive and proven program management approach, which includes working-group sessions, weekly status reports, quarterly business reviews, ROI & Value measurement presentations, and many other activities designed to ensure the continuous success of your RTLS initiative. We also make sure your program has a proper governance structure in place and a clear path to achieve the anticipated ROI.

  5. Open to Sharing Best Practices
    We understand that your decision about outsourcing the RTLS program could be driven by not having the internal resources to properly manage your RTLS program or other current priorities. By leveraging the Infinite Leap Enterprise Service Team as your Managed Services Provider, you will have the opportunity to shadow our team, so when you are ready to manage the program internally, you will be set up for success and have a smooth transition.

If you are interested in discussing if your organization should consider our Managed Services for your Real-Time Technologies, I would be delighted to have this conversation with you.