Living Our Company Values

Infinite Leap - Values

by Mark Rheault, Founder & CEO of Infinite Leap

Today our company, Infinite Leap, celebrates a significant milestone – our 10-year anniversary. I am very grateful for all we have accomplished during this time, and I am particularly honored, and humbled, to have become a trusted ally to our many valued Clients as well as our wonderful Partners. Enduring relationships like these are not built overnight, but rather over years, on a foundation of integrity, service, and finding a way for all parties to “win”. This foundation, along with building a strong internal culture based on mutual respect and innovative thinking, is what I consider to be the formula for long-term success for businesses like ours.  

I believe that a cornerstone of that foundation that has enabled us to be recognized as one of the fastest growing companies several times* is that we have phenomenal Team Members that  live our company values every day. Every decision we make at Infinite Leap is made through the lens of our five company values. And these values are not displayed on the wall; they are ingrained into the fabric of our company culture.

I would like to share our values with you today so you know what makes us who we are:

Everybody Wins

At Infinite Leap, we strive to ensure that all stakeholders – our Clients, our Partners, and our Team Members – have a positive outcome that does not come at the expense of another. We are all in this together every step of the way – from the successes and laughs to the hard work, challenges, and sacrifices – so when there is a win, everybody wins.

We Make It the Best Place to Work

We are committed to a great culture, in which each Team Member feels fulfilled in their professional pursuits, and can laugh and have fun with their colleagues, and where everyone works as a single unit to achieve seemingly impossible outcomes. This does not occur accidentally, nor is it dictated from the top down. It comes from every Team Member contributing and committing every day to make it the best place they have ever worked at.

Deliberate Yet Bold Innovation

We are inventors who boldly create a new future based on a vision of new possibilities and without fear of the failures that are an inevitable part of the process. Yet we are pragmatic and deliberate in creating real solutions to real problems so that we can drive transformation that results in the best possible healthcare experience.

Always Do the Right Thing

Integrity, character, and respect are the cornerstones that define us as individuals and as a team. We follow the “Golden Rule” and will always take the high road in every interaction with Clients, Partners, and with one another. We applaud and celebrate those among us who have the courage to do the right thing in difficult circumstances, especially when there is nobody there to see it.

Gratitude for the Opportunity to Serve

And as I said at the beginning – we are profoundly grateful to each and every Client that has chosen to provide us with the privilege and honor to serve them, and, in turn, the patients they serve. Additionally, we are equally grateful to every Team Member who has made the very significant decision to join Infinite Leap.

By living our values, we have both a clear vision for the future as well as a compass to guide us in our daily decisions. To our Clients, Partners, and Team Members – I thank you for taking this journey with Infinite Leap!