How to Revitalize a Real-Time Location System Initiative

RTLS project redo

Houston Klassen | Executive Vice-President | Infinite Leap

Many healthcare organizations consider their RTLS deployments less than successful, and often times they blame the technology as being “too early” or “problematic.” The fact is however, that in most situations the technology is not the sole factor in either the success or the failure of a project.

Our team focuses on helping hospitals achieve as much value from the systems that they have already invested in as possible, even if they have been idle, or long forgotten.

Regardless of the size of your implementation, the initial goals, the type of technology, or the vendor you once selected, it is worth the relatively small investment of time and resources to get a third-party expert opinion on what you can gain from what you already have in place.

When we become involved in these types of situations, we look at the following areas to determine what it would take to revitalize an RTLS initiative:

RTLS Infrastructure
What shape is the locating infrastructure in? Is everything working as designed? Does the existing infrastructure need enhancement in certain areas to ensure accuracy? Are there new technological advancements that could make it work better?

System Configuration and Process Redesign
Can changes to system configuration and rules make the system more reliable and useful? Are there processes, leveraging the RTLS system, that can be redesigned that will help staff be more efficient?

Are there ways that the data can be integrated into existing systems that can be useful in removing the need for the manual entry of data, saving time, and/or improving patient experience?

Business Intelligence
How can the data that has been collected, or that could be collected, be mined for value that wasn’t maybe considered at the time of implementation? What Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) can be measured that couldn’t be before?

I invite you to read “Revitalizing an RTLS Initiative” whitepaper to discover how we’ve helped our clients to revitalize their RTLS projects.