An RTLS system is an amazing technology and when it is operating properly it is delivering the right information, to the right people, at the right time. If that isn’t happening, you may be suffering from a quite common issue of improper alerting. This can take a form of too many alerts, which drives people crazy and leads to ignoring even important alerts (aka “alarm fatigue”) or conversely, under reporting of critical events, which might be a symptom of an improperly configured system, or a system which hasn’t kept up with changing needs.

Regardless of your situation, just like you should review and update your security policies and other protocols, you should also make sure that the alerting generated  by your real-time technologies goes through a regular audit.

In the simplest cases, the audit will validate that things are as they should be and that everyone is getting the data that they need in a timely manner.  In the most valuable cases, we are able to review and update your alerting system and structure to proactively ensure that everyone is getting what they need, and not unnecessarily waking people up in the middle of the night.

For example, if you deploy an automated temperature monitoring system, we can make sure that the proper person receives the out-of-range temperature alert and takes a corrective action in a timely manner. This process will provide you with peace of mind that alerts, generated by your real-time location and condition sensing systems, are being acted upon – increasing your organization’s safety and compliance.

As a vendor neutral expert, Infinite Leap works with all types of systems and will help you get your alerting structure cleaned up and performing at the highest possible levels.

In addition to our assistance with alert management, we offer a portfolio of other Operational Support and Maintenance services as well as Exploration and Planning, Implementation, Optimization, and Managed Services for Real-Time Technologies, including RTLS and RFID solutions, to ensure you gain the value from the solution you own.

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