The foundation for successful Asset Management optimization is laid during the solution design process, when the strategy for leveraging Real-Time Technologies is established, with clear goals and ways to measure the success of the initiative.

It is also important to recognize that creating value from Real-Time Technology projects extends far beyond the actual IT implementation phase and requires a commitment to the long-term business strategy. Organizational alignment, improvement of business processes, and driving performance are critical objectives following the initial deployment phase, and they need to be reassessed over time.

If you have not worked with us on your Solution Design, or you are not engaged with us through Managed Services for Asset Management, we can still provide you with expert advice on how to make your Asset Management solution and processes better, so you can achieve desired results.

We will help you to evaluate how your Asset Management system and processes are functioning today and what should be done to optimize them. We will collect the proper metrics for a reliable comparison and guide you through a recommended plan of action. Your team will receive methodical support from our healthcare operations experts, who will be sharing with you best practices gained by implementing and managing over 300 real-time technology projects.

Key Asset Management Working Group (AMWG) service outputs:

  • Formal written recommendations on the specific roles and associated responsibilities required for participation in the Asset Management Working Group (AMWG)
  • Roadmap and presentation of the RTLS-enabled Asset Management client program with clear goals and objectives for the AMWG
  • Monthly status reports provided digitally to AMWG and Executive Steering Committee/Sponsor on actual vs planned activities
  • Development of assets naming standards and associated hierarchy
  • Development of a uniform and scalable equipment classification and hierarchy
  • Integration recommendations, options, and challenges associated with RTLS and CMMS at client site
  • Battery management recommendations and best practices for both ceiling-mounted infrastructure and asset/patient/staff tags
  • Best practices around handling rental assets, IT Equipment, Transport Equipment and other items not managed by Biomed/Clinical Engineering
  • Detailed conversation around environmental monitoring and what those options and pros and cons look like for the AMWG
  • ROI generation and review process for equipment purchase and utilization shared on monthly basis
  • Configuration opportunities related to asset exit alerts and monthly report on last seen location for intervention and reduction by AMWG
  • Annual site visit during capital budget planning of possible large purchase reductions for client based on the previous RTLS data and reports shared and analyzed by Infinite Leap Professional Service Team
  • Guidance and specific templates in creating RTLS specific budget for the enterprise
  • Access to Infinite Leap consultants on regular basis

Key Executive Steering Group (ESG) service outputs:

  • Agenda recommendations to the internal owner of this meeting which will shift operational detail topics to the AMWG and away from the Executive audience
  • Lead monthly steering committee with internal owner if desired
  • Provide best practices and consultative expertise to the ESG on any topics related to RTLS
  • Short and concise monthly status report on progress of AMWG
  • ROI reports provided quarterly to ESG
  • Internal marketing & branding recommendations & templates
  • Recognition and “wins” for RTLS program within enterprise or externally
  • Guidance and specific templates in creating RTLS specific budget for the enterprise
  • Key decision points for future growth and scalability
  • Access to Infinite Leap consultants on regular basis

In addition to our assistance with Asset Management Optimization services, we offer a portfolio of other Optimization services, as well as Exploration and Planning, Implementation, Operational Support and Maintenance, and Managed Services for Real-Time Technologies, including RTLS and RFID solutions, to ensure you gain the value from the solution you own.

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