Real-Time Technologies provide untapped opportunities to improve asset management processes. Here are just a few use cases where, with the help of technology and optimized processes, you can provide substantial results for your organization:

Asset Locating (Asset Tracking) 

Provide an efficient and accurate way for your staff to easily locate mobile equipment that is available to use, without wasting time searching for it in supply closets, patient rooms, and hallways. You can even integrate RTLS with your EHR, allowing staff to locate equipment right from within your EHR system.

Asset Optimization 

With the use of RTLS, you can better understand the true asset utilization and make sound business decisions – whether it is a reallocation of the equipment if the asset type is not being utilized at the desired level, or approval/denial of the new equipment purchase order. By leveraging this information, you can reduce equipment purchases by maximizing utilization of your existing equipment.

PAR Level Management

Use PAR Levels to be informed automatically if you’re running low on a specific asset type in the clear storage rooms to ensure your clinical staff always has what they need on hand. By setting maximum PAR levels, you can speed up the process of retrieving dirty equipment, which should help with putting them back into use faster.

Rental Equipment Management

Easily differentiate rental equipment from hospital-owned assets, promoting the use of your owned equipment first – maximizing its utilization and avoiding rental expenses. An automated notification can be sent when the patient associated with the rental has been discharged. This can trigger stopping billable hours and notifying your rental company to retrieve their equipment.

Recall Management

With RTLS, you can automatically flag recalled medical equipment/supplies and locate them faster to prevent their future use.

Preventative Maintenance Management

With RTLS, you can automatically flag medical equipment due for preventive maintenance (PM) and locate them faster to prevent their future use.

Shrinkage Reduction

With the use of RTLS, you can minimize the amount of equipment being lost due to theft or misplacement. By setting up software rules to identify “out of area” zones you can trigger alerts for equipment “abandoned” in hallways and other unacceptable areas. You can use reports to identify “black holes” in a hospital and increase equipment surveillance in that area for missing equipment.

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