COVID-19 has dramatically impacted the world as we know it. Public spaces have been shut down, people have been ordered to shelter in place, family members are prohibited from visiting their loved ones in hospitals – all to slow down the spread of this pandemic. At the same time, healthcare providers are on the front line of the war against COVID-19, facing shortages of necessary supplies and equipment, and bracing for a tsunami of infected patients.

Here are four ways COVID-19 Emergency Response Solutions can help:

  • Contact Tracing – see immediately who was in proximity with an infected person by leveraging an automatically generated Contact Tracing Report, which uses data collected by Real-Time Location Systems (RTLS).
  • Medical Surge Site Visibility – quickly look up the location of patients, staff, and medical equipment in temporary surge sites, by leveraging real-time location information.
  • Visitor Management – an easy and convenient way for healthcare organizations to manage visitor access.
  • Family Messaging – keep patients’ family members and loved ones informed by sending text updates via a simple, HIPAA-compliant user interface to anyone a patient authorizes.

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