Real-Time Technologies create an amazing amount of data. Some deployments generate tens of millions of raw data points each and every day, with the largest RTLS system installations approaching 100,000,000 data points. However for the data to be useful, it has to be accessible and provided in a manner that allows users to make timely and sound decisions.

In many cases, RTLS data becomes even more valuable when compared or supplemented with data from other systems. This continually and automatically collected data provides untapped opportunity for process-improvement changes impacting patient safety, staff efficiency, and resource optimization.

Our team of skilled Data Scientists can assist you with translating RTLS data into actionable insights. We can help you find precise and timely answers to support your operational decisions. We can create for you compelling reports and dashboards which you can easily distribute throughout your organization on a regular basis.  Many times, it is the output of their work that enables you to provide the insight to your leadership team and prove the value in the overall solution.

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In addition to our assistance with Custom Reporting and Analytics, we offer a portfolio of other Implementation services, Exploration and Planning, Operational Support and Maintenance, Optimization, as well as Managed Services for Real-Time Technologies, including RTLS and RFID solutions, to ensure you gain the value from the solution you own.

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