Having a plan for your Real-Time Technologies is absolutely the place to start  – without it you have no idea where you might end up. But there comes a time when the plan needs to be executed. A significant part of any real-time technology project is the installation of the locating infrastructure, and this is definitely not the time to put your project in the hands of inexperienced personnel.

Even with a hardware installation plan that is well designed on paper, there will always be areas of your facility which require the cool hand of an experienced RTLS engineer. Experts who know their trade can look at a plan and the reality of a room and understand where tweaks need to be made to handle a tough environment, so the expected results can be achieved. This is critical even in the “easiest” of environments as nothing can kill the credibility of a project faster than bad data coming out of a poorly executed deployment.

Our professional installation team, certified in all market-leading Real-Time Technologies, has the experience of deploying the most complex location and condition-sensing systems in healthcare. 

Beyond the technical capabilities of our team, our professional installers are experienced and trained specifically on how to work in a healthcare environment.  You don’t need to teach us how to operate and interact with staff and care providers, nor how to work unobtrusively in patient care areas.  We pay special attention to the needs of the care delivery environment –as important as the work we are doing is… it should be always secondary to the needs of the patient.

Our hardware installation services include:

  • Project coordination and communication
  • Installation of sensors
  • Testing of coverage
  • Verification of use cases  
  • Coordination of site attestation

Our expertise ensures a minimal disturbance to your daily hospital operations and mitigates the risk of potential re-work.

In addition to our assistance with hardware installation, we offer a portfolio of other Implementation services, as well as Exploration and Planning, Operational Support and Maintenance, Optimization, and Managed Services for Real-Time Technologies, including RTLS and RFID solutions, to ensure you gain the value from the solution you are implementing.

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