Getting your real-time, location-enabled Asset Management system properly designed and implemented, and keeping it running smoothly requires constant attention. Many healthcare organizations are trying to do it all, which often results in gradual deterioration of the system due to not tagging newly purchased equipment or not replacing batteries on time. In addition, if organizations are not taking advantage of reporting tools they will have hard time proving the value of the system and driving excitement around this initiative.

Our Managed Services for Asset Management provide consistent operational management and predictable results by applying best practices gained by implementing and managing over 300 real-time technology projects, including RTLS-based Asset Management deployments. We manage programs from small healthcare facilities to large healthcare systems. For example, at Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center we manage over 15,000 assets across 40 buildings.

With the assistance of our highly experienced staff, who have been working in clinical and operational capacities, your organization will achieve operational efficiencies, while minimizing overhead and risks.

Here is a list of services which are part of our Managed Services offering. You can choose all of them or select a specific service, which would help your organization ensure your RTLS system is managed at its best:

Solution Design and Planning

The need for a comprehensive design of your RTLS-enabled Asset Management system is indisputable in a highly demanding and changing healthcare information environment. Aligning it with the clinical and operational systems and processes, while ensuring your expected Return On Investment (ROI) can be properly measured in the future, is a key to achieving success. Our team of healthcare-seasoned experts can help you develop a proven and scalable system that meets your current and future needs, while delivering tangible results.

Please review more information about our Solution Design.

Solution Implementation

Successful implementation of RTLS-enabled Asset Management system requires expertise. We have implemented over 300 real-time technology projects, which gives us bragging rights to say we have the most experience in this field. Our experts will ensure your system is properly structured, software adequately configured, and hardware properly installed. We will make sure your systems are talking to each other, so the real-time location and condition-sensing data can be leveraged. And before the system is live – your team will be well-trained in the use of the system and ready to apply new processes in their daily operations.

Please review more information about our System Architecture services, Hardware Installation, Software Configuration, Systems Integration, and Training services.

Program Management

Successful implementation of the RTLS system is just the beginning of your RTLS journey. What matters the most is how you will sustain the initial excitement and prove the promised value. Our Managed Services offer comprehensive program management, which includes working-group meetings, vendor coordination, budgeting and financial reporting, weekly status reports, quarterly business reviews, ROI measurement, and many other program-management activities designed to ensure continuous success of your RTLS initiative. We will make sure your program has a proper governance structure in place and a clear path for project expansion. We will also assist you in publishing the information about the initiative and its results internally, and externally if desired, so the great work you are doing can be valued across your organization and the industry.

Operational Support and Maintenance

The critical part of our Managed Services is monitoring the overall health of your RTLS system and handling the daily activities of investigating and resolving system issues. The best part is that even if your RTLS system comprises many different hardware and software components – we will take care of them all, so appropriate actions can be taken to help minimize or avoid service interruption. And the best part for your users is that they will have a single phone number and email to request support, available to them anytime of a day or night. We also provide a gamut of self-service tools, so your users can quickly and independently find answers to their questions.

Our Managed Services also takes care of all of your system maintenance to keep it current and fully operational. When updates or patches are released from your RTLS technology vendors, we apply them, in a secure and coordinated with your IT&S team way, to minimize the impact on your organization. We will also take responsibility for optimizing your software configuration settings, updating maps, and providing system access to new users.

You also need to remember that you cannot have a properly working RTLS system if your asset location tags and beacons are not being regularly checked and batteries replaced at the right time. Our team will manage this process for you. We will also be responsible for tags commissioning and decommissioning. And if for some reason, the components of your system need to be repaired or replaced – we will handle it as well, so you don’t need to worry about generating RMA’s or finding bubble wrap to ship sensors.

Another critical aspect of our system maintenance is ensuring the system performs at the highest level of accuracy, which requires periodical adjustments of your RTLS infrastructure or proper server resizing.

Please review more information about our Help Desk, Technical Support, Asset Tagging, and Battery Replacement services.

Alerts Management

As your RTLS system provides extremely valuable information, in real time, you need to have the means to respond to them, in real time. Our team can assist you with managing your alerts. For example, if you deploy an automated PAR level management, we can make sure that the proper person receives the notification (e.g. “0 available pumps in 4 East Clean Utility Room” and acts on it in a timely manner. We can also help you get proper attention when alerts are generated for abandoned equipment aka assets out of a designated area. By assisting you with alerts management, we provide you with peace of mind that generated by your RTLS system alerts are being acted upon, increasing the value an RTLS-based Asset Management system can deliver.

Please review more information about our Alerts Management services.

Change Management

An integral part of successful technology deployment is change management. Our Managed Services enable you to make well-thought and controlled changes to your environment, which includes designing, verifying, documenting, and implementing new operational procedures. All changes follow approved change protocol, which ensures adherence to your internal policies. Think about all the potential processes that can be optimized with the use of Real-Time Technologies – by dedicating resources to proper change management you can ensure the long lasting, positive effects of change.

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