Dave Gorman

Chief Technology Officer

Dave is our team’s everything-technology-related guru. He knows how to build a solution, and build it well. He creates them so they’re both really user-friendly and meet a client’s every need. He’s also one of those rare individuals who has a wide range of knowledge and expertise, but who can share that knowledge in a way everyone understands.

Dave’s been leading the charge for software architecture and development teams for more than 15 years. His latest was as the Senior Architect of the leading RTLS software platform by Intelligent InSites.

Aside from his awesome software architecture and development skills, he also focuses on making sure our clients have the right infrastructures in the right place to support the goals of automation strategies. He stays on top of and evaluates emerging technologies – and even finds the time to develop the custom applications and integrations that make it all work. Whether it’s web dashboards, business intelligence, data mining, software architecture, software languages, methodologies, or processes, Dave can both talk the talk and walk the walk.

When he’s not at the computer making ideas a reality, Dave spends time leading regional technology groups and helping others turn ideas into reality. He’s always on the search for new opportunities to learn, most recently finishing courses at M.I.T. And if he needs a quick break from technology, he’s likely to be helping homeschool his kids, or tending to the chickens he raises as a hobby (though we aren’t positive the chickens aren’t miniature robots that Dave’s built in his spare time!)