Mark Rheault, MBA

Founder, CEO and Chief Privacy Officer

Mark’s one of the stellar minds and fearless leaders behind our company. He wants to make a difference in whatever he does. That’s why it’s no surprise he’s decided to tackle one of the biggest issues facing our country – how to make sure hospitals are running as efficiently as possible while remaining focused on creating the ultimate experience for the patient.

As a leading expert in the use of real-time technologies in healthcare, Mark knows how to maximize technology to get results. And his leadership skills don’t go unnoticed, either. He’s brought together a talented team of some of the country’s leading experts into one group at Infinite Leap. Like any great leader, he pulls from his experience and lessons learned over more than 20 years of success in software and solution development. And his companies have always emphasized the importance of putting team and client needs first. It’s that focus on people and the human side of healthcare and technology that makes Infinite Leap stand out from the rest.

Prior to starting Infinite Leap, he’d focused on developing the industry leading RTLS/EV software solution. That solution was a result of 15 years of witnessing obstacles within healthcare – and it’s gotten a lot of attention, including being recognized as one of the top must-have technologies in healthcare. Mark’s deep dedication to healthcare technology combined with his entrepreneurial spirit have led him to achieve many additional honors and awards, including being awarded the Consumer Electronics Best In Show award for his product design, Modern Health Best Place to Work in Healthcare, Entrepreneur of the Year, as well as recognition as one of the areas “Top 40 Under 40.”

Beyond the business success and recognition is the deeper story of Mark. He’s a guy who’s driven by making a difference, and using his talents and resources to mentor and make the world better. With a love of youth and social entrepreneurship, he is an avid supporter of several not-for-profit organizations that focus on these areas. He is passionate around a number of initiatives that have the goal of helping their fellow humans around the world make an ‘infinite leap’ of their own.