Scott Hondros, SCPM

Senior VP of Professional Services

Growing up in North Carolina, Scott’s life has always been influenced and impacted by the ocean. It’s been a source of recreation in the form of a love of offshore fishing and presented some of the early inspiration in his life. That inspiration called him to rise to the challenge of becoming Scuba certified at the age of 13, and later to earn a Naval Engineering degree in the area of Yacht design. It might just be the love and mastery of water that allows him to remain calm and handle projects confidently even “when the water gets rough!”

It’s in those times of rising water that the real value of Scott’s expertise and experience in managing large, complex projects is apparent. Scott lives out the value of exceeding customer expectations, and has the ability to just get the job done. Having managed the complexity of leading large multi-national teams across five different continents, he’s turned his focus back to the US and a line of work dear to his heart – healthcare. With a knack for technology and process change, Scott applies his engineering and project management expertise to help Infinite Leap clients operationalize and manage widespread enterprise visibility deployments.

Scott also has a strong educational pedigree, with degrees (SCPM) from Stanford University in Advanced Project Management, North Carolina State University in Leadership, and The Landing School in Yacht Design/Engineering.