Sue Estenson

Director of Product Delivery

Sue has over 15 years of experience as a customer-focused, results-producing project management professional. She has a passion and drive for fast-paced environments and thrives on helping companies, teams and team members to achieve their goals. How does she do that? She listens and learns to identify areas for process improvement. She has the ability to take very technical conversations and turn them into everyday language. What is Sue’s Superpower? Harnessing her OCD into producing industry changing software.

When Sue is not busy delivering awesome software…she has a passion for helping children and adults on the autism spectrum. Sue spent 5 years as the Secretary on the Board of Directors for the North Dakota Autism Center, and most recently is a member of Community Development Board for Mind Shift where they help businesses employ the strengths of adults on the autism spectrum. During the summer months you can find her, her husband (when he is not skydiving) and their son at lake riding their jet skis and enjoying time with family and friends.