The intuitive value of RTLS data and other real-time information in a hospital is easy to understand. But as group of technologies used in healthcare, evidence of value and results has been very difficult to pin down. Sure, there are a number of products in the market that say they’ll provide value around basic use cases such as tracking assets – and make no mistake, those benefits can be very real. However, the truth is they don’t even begin to stack up in comparison to the  returns that are possible by driving real efficiency, improved patient throughput, and increased capacity. Those opportunities are the basis of our focus and documentable outcomes are the proof. Simply put, we pride ourselves in providing real results for our clients.

What do we mean by real? Easy. We use results that are validated and signed-off against by our hospital clients themselves. Plus, these results are important beyond the financial impacts they often make, as the data behind them are used to make important operational and budgetary decisions; decisions that in the past were generally made based on gut feel rather than factual information.

We could talk results all day. Rather than listening to us, take a look at a few of the real results we’ve helped our clients achieve.

Perhaps you’ll see something that would be helpful to you.

Asset Optimization

Detailed metrics are automatically collected to measure how and when assets are used. This means your hospital only has to purchase what you need, when you need it. How can it get better than that?

  • $2,100,000 saved through better use and reduced purchases
  • Less staff time spent on frustrating searches and more staff time spent on better care for patients
  • 1,000s of hours converted from busy work to patient care
  • Integrate with existing CMMS system to extend value

Reduced Rentals

Stop paying for rentals you don’t need. Rental expenses are reduced or eliminated as the use of owned equipment is increased. Doesn’t it sound great to know where your rental equipment is and whether or not it’s actually being used?

  • Rental costs reduced by 50%
  • Cost for unused rentals eliminated by 100%
  • Equipment became readily available when needed

Equipment Maintenance

When you are able to find your equipment instantly, preventative maintenance compliance rates increase and work gets done much more quickly. Spend time maintaining your equipment, not looking for it.

  • Over $100,000 saved in outsourced manpower
  • Maintenance compliance improved to record-breaking levels
  • Less time spent on maintenance roundups
  • Risk of improperly maintained equipment used on patients eliminated

Abandoned Equipment

You can make sure your unused equipment ends up where it belongs. Equipment is monitored to see when it is and isn’t being used. When it’s not, the system notifies the right people so it can be picked up and properly placed for quick access. Isn’t it time to clean up those hallways?

  • Asset use increased by 30%
  • Incident use decreased by 50%
  • Equipment became available for patient needs more quickly

Temperature Management

It might sound too good to be true, but simply switching to wireless temperature monitoring equipment saves time, money, and resources. This technology coupled with improved process drove $1.5 million in bottom line impact, and improved patient safety and staff satisfaction. Are you ready for those kind of improvements for your hospital?

  • $300,000 saved in annual labor cost
  • Compliance improved from “poor” to over 99%
  • Staff satisfaction increased by offloading monotonous tasks
  • Over $1,200,000 saved in refrigeration contents
  • Over 10,000 hours saved of care provider time
  • Over 100 at-risk refrigeration units identified

> Read a Case Study: “Ensuring Patient Safety and the Joint Commission Compliance through Automated Temperature Monitoring”

Managed Blood Supply

Let technology work to your advantage when it comes to blood supply management. The technology and process allows for blood products to be stored close to where they’re needed. Plus, every blood product is continuously monitored for temperature and time out. Sound like just what your hospital needs?

  • $132,000 reduced in wasted blood products in first 12 months
  • Faster delivery of needed blood products
  • Blood waste reduced to below 2% – better than most top performing medical centers
  • Staff efficiency improved through reduction in travel time

Real time information to ehr integration

You need to make sure your systems can work together. Important data is automatically collected by real-time technologies and instantly and automatically entered into the EHR, saving time and improving accuracy. Doesn’t the thought of that make you smile?

  • Staff training time made more efficient, taking minutes, not hours
  • Duplicate entry processes and need for multiple systems eliminated
  • Monitored contents are available when needed

Eliminated system duplication

Just as you want your people to play nicely, you want your systems to work well together, too. Having an enterprise visibility strategy means that all systems are viewed and analyzed for how they can best coexist. This means that many of them can be combined or eliminated. Ready to get rid of the headache, and the cost of having too many systems in place?

  • Over $500,000 saved
  • Improved usability through technology integration
  • Better adoption and improved staff satisfaction

Enhanced staff productivity

Using a combination of technology and lean process engineering means inefficiencies are removed from daily life. Everything is looked at to determine how you can automate it and make it work better. This means not only more productive, but happier staff as well! Wouldn’t you like your staff to enjoy their day a little more?

  • More than $1,600,000 worth of non-value added time returned to staff from asset management
  • Staff added more value and created a better patient experience every day

Improved staff assistance

Sometimes it’s hard for staff to ask for help… but your staff members no longer need to leave the patient to do just that. It’s as easy as pushing a button on their staff RTLS badge. Think your staff would love that?

  • Functionality added with no additional required infrastructure
  • Patient safety increased since staff don’t need to leave them alone to go request help
  • Assistance requested from anywhere in the hospital, not just through a button on a wall

Improved ed workflow

Automating the ED with real-time systems and processes drives efficiency. This results in lower wait times, reduced length of stay and higher admissions –  all while increasing patient satisfaction. Isn’t that what you really want for your patients and hospital?

  • Reduced wait times and LWBS; expected to drive revenue by $6,000,000 per year
  • 10% increase seen in satisfaction rates

Monitored vaccine and medication storage

The differences between waste and recovery can be faster than you think. When something goes wrong, what makes the difference is knowing the exact conditions, and being able to respond quickly. Are you ready?

  • $90,000 saved in a single instance
  • $400,000+ estimated annual savings
  • Medications protected are ensured to be available when needed

Reduced patient wait times

Through automatic monitoring and alerting on wait times, staff can immediately remedy delay situations. This means wait times are reduced, making them happier, too. Plus, action can be taken to determine the root cause and fix it systematically. Sounds like a step toward an ultimate patient experience, doesn’t it?

  • Reduced wait time meant fewer patients LWOT; generates more revenue
  • 40% reduction in wait times
  • Decreased wait times made patients happier

There are so many opportunities around RTLS-enabled patient flow. The efficiencies gained in the clinics and the elimination of wasted providers’ time on the inpatient side are hugely impactful on the quality of care we can deliver.

Andrea S. Fernandez, M.D., F.A.C.O.G.
Chief Quality, Safety, and Patient Experience Officer
Regional Director OB/GYN Services
Wake Forest Baptist Health

Real-time building automation

Using real-time information about the environment status of an OR suite allows for the just-in-time configuration of the room. This means that conditions are adjusted to meet the specific requirements. Doing so can save thousands per OR room, and guarantees proper environment compliance. Plus, your hospital saves thousands of dollars per room – and you’re guaranteed room environment compliance, too. Who wouldn’t love that?

  • $7,000 saved in energy savings (per OR room, per year)
  • Improved regulatory compliance

Staff duress

The safety and security of your staff is a big deal. You want them to have peace of mind so they can perform and enjoy their jobs. Staff are able to instantly notify security personnel through the push of a button that is carried with them at all times in the event they’re in need of help. The request and exact location are transmitted automatically so that security may respond immediately. No other actions required. Isn’t your staff worth this little bit of piece of mind?

  • Response time cut substantially
  • Staff gained greater confidence
  • Safety and security sentiments improved among staff

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