There is no doubt that Real-Time Technologies will transform the way hospitals operate and how medical staff care for their patients and communicate with patients and their loved ones.

Our Real-Time Technologies Solution Design helps you discover and articulate the needs of your patients and staff, while developing a strategy to meet those needs, and designing a comprehensive plan to make them a reality. This process reduces surprises, and realistically sets expectations on costs, deployment timelines, as well as the results. This allows leadership to review and approve a well-researched and supported plan.

We’ve identified and planned for more than 100 unique use cases that leverage Real-Time Technologies, so we can bring ideas that you may not have even thought of yet.

Our Rapid 90-Day Solution Design Process includes:

  • Conversations with key stakeholders to identify and document wants, needs, and opportunities and correlate how Real-Time Technologies and associated process changes can help.
  • Prioritization of use cases to generate the most important results in the shortest time frame.
  • Creating a detailed business model, including budgetary cost and value estimates., to set realistic expectations for the required investment and potential return.
  • Development of a multi-year deployment model that achieves value rapidly and matches investments to returns as best as possible.
  • Recommendations towards creating successful project governance and operational models to ensure a high adoption and ongoing success of the system.
  • Identification of baseline performance, objectives, and metrics used to evaluate the success of the initiative.
  • Defining technical requirements and providing evidence-based recommendations for technologies and products.
  • Delivery of executive-level presentations to convey the proposed plan accurately and concisely while proactively addressing potential questions to allow faster approvals and funding.

To successfully deploy real-time technologies, you need to begin with a great solution design. Please contact us today to schedule an exploratory conversation.

If you wish to continue our services beyond the Exploration and Planning assistance, we offer a portfolio of Implementation, Operational Support and Maintenance, Optimization, as well as Managed Services for Real-Time Technologies, including RTLS and RFID solutions, to ensure you gain the value from the solution you own.