The need for designing a reliable, capable, and scalable Real-Time Technologies system architecture is indisputable. Doing so upfront saves time, money, and effort as well as increases the likelihood for project success and its long term sustainability. It is vital that the needs of IT, Clinical, and Business Operations are all taken into account.  

Therefore, when assisting with designing Real-Time Technologies system architecture, we spend our time making sure we understand any special needs of your organization, systems that might be enhanced through the use of RTLS data, and future plans. We want to ensure that we are not just tossing a generic, cookie cutter architecture design over the wall.

One of the ways we do this is by providing you an effective assessment of your IT systems, infrastructure for servers, data storage, and backup procedures as it relates to the needs of an RTLS solution. We help you understand gaps in your environment that can affect your Real-Time Technology solution and then recommend necessary changes.

Our Real-Time Technologies System Architecture design services include:

  • Defining system requirements, including system integrations
  • Developing server infrastructure design
  • Developing recommendations for system scalability, security, and redundancy.

We designed Real-Time Technologies system architecture for healthcare organizations of various sizes, with different approaches to data warehousing, system accessibility, and reporting standards. Thus we know what works and what doesn’t when it comes to embedding Real-Time Location Systems into your environment.

In addition to our assistance with designing Real-Time Technologies system architecture, we offer a portfolio of other Implementation services, as well as Exploration and Planning, Operational Support and Maintenance, Optimization, and Managed Services for Real-Time Technologies, including RTLS and RFID solutions, to ensure you gain the value from the solution you are implementing.

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