With all of the options that are on the market we know that selecting a Real-Time Technology system can be overwhelming and complicated. Especially since no one wants to be the one who recommends the “wrong system.” And if you don’t have a history with this type of solutions, it’s even hard to know what you don’t know.  On top of it, the fact that there are new entrants to the market every week, with each making impressive claims, there is no wonder that organizations have heartburn over determining the right direction.

With all these factors at hand, it’s not hard to figure out why organizations look to past experiences, or put credence in market “horror” stories, yet even those don’t tell the whole story. Therefore, finding someone experienced and knowledgeable who works for your best interest is so valuable. A consultant with this level of expertise can quickly provide you with a list of viable options upon which to focus, thereby eliminating the wasted and expensive time of reviewing solutions that would fall short. They are also able to help you understand other market insights, company viability, and most importantly, help you evaluate the solution against your specific needs, not those of the hospital across  town.  

Infinite Leap works hard to fit that role for our clients and to do so in the best and most vendor-neutral way possible. We meet regularly with all the leading RTLS vendors and investigate new market entrants on an ongoing basis.  Further, we conduct tests of software and hardware components to verify marketing claims.

It’s also important, for those who have already invested in an RTLS solution, to know that doing more with RTLS doesn’t always mean ripping out and replacing what you have.  We work HARD to design  technology architecture that not only provides the functionality that you want, but that leverages existing relationships and investments as much as possible. Often we see a hybrid technology approach as the best path forward.  So… even if you already have something in place, if it isn’t working as you’d expected, or if it is simply time to do more, it’s worth visiting with us to see what your future path might look like.  

If you wish to continue our services beyond the Exploration and Planning assistance, we offer a portfolio of Implementation, Operational Support and Maintenance, Optimization, as well as Managed Services for Real-Time Technologies, including RTLS and RFID solutions, to ensure you gain the value from the solution you own.

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